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 Web Hosting Packages THE CAR! A mathematical program I started working on in 1984. Quit in 2010. The Excel spread sheet was then 15 MB, it was all math  formulas, except for one chart. Math characters was just over 9.1 million in 1999. In 2303 the file was 25 Mbs when I quit working on it because realized to beat floor traders I would need 100 million in the bank. Didn't bother to count characters. Built this for my wife who was an avid golf fan.

I also built a website for my diabetic headaches

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It is a twelve month, 364 Day calendar. It has the first of every month on Monday. It starts Monday January 1, 2024. It is the first calendar in2100 years that Keeps, January 1,  adjusted, to keep that day, centered on the earths perihelion (closest point to the sun, to keep the seasons perfectly aligned, forever. It does this with a leap week that come every 5 or 6 years randomly added to February in leap years.

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