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The privacy page for this website.

It is designed to show that we value your personal privacy.

We use Google Chrome for our browser and
 Network Solutions hosts our email and websites.

I use Goggle Adsense and Goggle Analytics to support this website. They both need to use cookies advertising cookies, based on your use of this website. I have zero aCess to their data. YOU can go to adverting vendor Google Adsense by going to or

This business need is necessary for us to provide this website to you. The site stats are the only data that Adsense lets me see.
They do not give me website address's or any identifying information. These stats, as far as I know, do not track you.

Below you will find my contact email address. Please, use this email address if you wish to contact us.

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     The European GDPR requires our Privacy Policy to include information about “the recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data” you collect from your visitors.
     Our websites do NOT send out cookies to track you! We are above that.


     Since you are you are using this email to contact me, you obviously have something to say, which is great. However, that also gives me the right to choose who, when and how I respond to you. We say this in case we get overloaded with your use of the contact email we provide below.

     So here are the guide lines and rules for our contact email address.

     1. The "From" line needs to be your name or some identifier that is valid. Personal names will get priority.
     2. The "To" line would, of course, be the privacy email listed below

      3.The subject line must start with one the following
     Category identifiers, if you want a reply:
     Questions, Suggestions, Bad Comments, Good Comments, Corrections, Complaints or any other two word phrase. I will read bad comments and complaints, as they will tell me what I need to fix.

     4. Any use of foul, malicious or anything similar will get the email  deleted and the email "from" address permanently blocked. The same for any content I demean as bullying.
     5. NO Attachments, period!  In my Outlook that is the first column. That message will get deleted as soon as I get done blocking the sender.

Outlook has a columns for "attachments, to, sent, from, received, size and finally message so it go as far as I have my screen set. Please be as short and precise so that your message gets our attention


Contact email

            Now here is how I store and when I delete your posts through my privacy page and what I do with emails sent to me

     Our host email server will start out retaining massages for 28 days. If the volume gets to high we will start reducing them save time.

     We will then disconnect the either net cable form the internet with a coupling in front of the base of our monitor. We will then start  putting each post that lists a category into it's folder. Once done, we will stat looking at the posts and prepare replies. The order taken will be first to those that follow the guidelines and rules. we will then choose the ones we want to reply to. These will be retained until we or the poster end the conversation. Both sides will then be permanently deleted. This means they will NOT go to the deleted folder, they will just vanish into thin air.. The unanswered replies from this pull will also then be permanently deleted.

     What we will then do is make a numerical count only of answered and unanswered replies for each category.

     We will then reconnect to the internet to send out our replies. Of course, this this means the Outlook will then pull all posts that are still on the server. Then disconnect form the server again. This process we be repeated as often as we have time for.




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