" MY Wife"  almost died
in my arms from


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MY WIFE and HER diabetes!

     Married her 1 year to the day after I met her. Lost Her 11 years ago after the most wonderful 37 years, less 68 days, of my life. She got a flu shot 12 years ago and died 60 days later. You do not want to know what She went through. We were in a big grocery store in 1984 who was giving free blood sugar tests. Now, since my mother died from diabetes at age 40, She said I should get tested. When Her requests became "orders", as a good boy, I gave in, provided She get tested also. My sugar was 102, Her's was 341. The testers went into a panic and we were in the doctor's office the next day. The doctor was dumbfounded, That She got it under control in four months.

     But there was a very bad downside. Her sugar could jump very quickly to 350 and then very, very quickly 65. I would be in my office and could hear a soft voice call my name. I very quickly would go to the kitchen and She would be sitting at the table with Her head on her arms. Quickly, I got orange juice and tipped Her head back and poured a glass of orange juice down Her throat. One time I barely heard a whisper and then a thud. I ran and saw Her lying face down on the living room floor, not moving. I ripped open the refrigerator and grabbed the biggest glass I could find and turned her over. Nothing, eyes closed. I propped Her head up on my knee and angled Her throat so it went straight down and poured. She never gagged. In about 10 minutes I could see the eyes moving under the eyelids, another 10 and some fingers started to wiggle. another 10 and the eyes opened. Another 10 and she just asked "what happened". MY Wife almost died in my arms from DIABETES. Early on a doctor told us be careful, as 60 is a coma and 50 is dead. I do not know if that is true. But She had me there to save Her life! I live alone and people wonder why I am so terrified of low sugar

    The zip code of testing She did of Her sugar, was as far away from mine as iceberg is from a sunny sand beach. Her testing was rigorous and mine was rather lackadaisical.

Here is my description of her!

     Take all the females born on this planet from the past and all those alive today and all those to come till the end of the universe, they would like to be her, but CANNOT!, because she was and is so far ahead of them that they couldn't even see the top of her head,  as she is so far beyond the horizon, they cannot find her. And as for trying to follow in her footsteps, that is impossible, because she has been beyond the horizon for so long that Mother nature has removed her foot prints from this earth. She now resides up there, waiting for me.

     She was a fabulous cook and superb barber. And then there was the checkbook. Two months after we were married, she asked if I had balanced the checkbook. I told her, no, I had not. She asked me to give it to Her and said "I" will balance it. That was the last I ever saw of it, until she passed away. All I ever did was drop my paycheck. on the counter, because she said it always balanced.

     Of course then I had to balance the checkbook myself. Not possible. I tried for two months. Then one day opened, by accident, to a page in front. There was this long set of numbers and strangely they added up to exactly how much I was off. HHHMMMMM. However, we always seemed to have the cash when one of us needed a different car. But if I wanted another computer or something else we didn't have enough money. HMMMM.

   I always knew she had a good handle on our fiancÚs, and  that was fine with me. My cars were only $1,000 or less for me, I bought Junkers, since I could fix them. But hers, I made sure they would be in the $2,000 to $3,000 range. Her, number #1 car, always got priority in the garage. Apparently someone had a secret savings account for emergencies. Loved MY Wife very much and still do.

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The matching shirts were her idea.



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