Glucose meters MUST be

Made so the blind can

"HEAR"  the reading!!

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Glucose (sugar) testing meters

Most glucose meters are, in my option are dangerous.

Medicare, doctors and large medical organization don't fight the FDA, when their regulation says they can have a 20% error. This benefits only meter manufactures who are based on technologies from the dark ages of the last century. That they can continue making millions with these dangerous devices without spending money on research on new meters is beyond me.

And their charting systems are more ancient than their technology. I started with Excel in 1985. I still have the original 5 flexible floppies. They have more variations, chart axis and data display, then all meter manufactures put together.

AND THEN who in the world needs to set their before, after, fasting times when in this day and age no one has an absolute schedule! They are actually doing it them self. And does your meter need to beep when the sugar is too low or high. People already know that. For gosh sacks, unfortunately these things are not setup for Braille or a voice for the blind. Everyone quickly knows what is good safe target range, does need the meter wasting battery time to tell them something they already know. And a test reminder, you wouldn't see it unless you turn the meter on and it certainly doesn't know how to call you.

Now here is the really sad part. Some have Blue tooth capability and all it does is send the meter reading. Why can't it send the reading to the cell phones voice box and let the blind hear it. Publication of this ides means no one can copy right or patent the idea, except me, good luck guys 2/3/19.

 Talk about too cheap to make things useful in THIS CENTURY!

    I now have a meter that meets my criteria for aCuracy. The last time I looked at their web site they were giving them away free. I don't use their lancing device as it looks to clumsy and hard to use. I use the lancing device that came with my old meter ( A ). Here are the results of a:

Glucose-Insulin Tolerance Test of my meter.


Glucose - Insulin Tolerance Test 
Average Sugar 146 mg/dl
HGB A1C 6.70
Hour # Insulin Meter Lab Min Max
1.0 87.3 145 142 70 91
1.5   201      
2.0 262.7 254 256 70 179
2.5   271      
3.0 140.6 282 283 70 152
3.5   245      
4.0 26.6 168 175 70 139

As you can see when comparing my meter to lab reading, The average lab reading is 214. The total deviation was all of 12, The average deviation was 3. Therefore 3/214 is 1.4%! HMMMM !!!!!


Here it gets extra bad. Medicare refuses to tell their users what meter is approved for Medicare coverage. They refer you to the FDA. I tried to get that information and was not able. The only way you know is when you have spent the money and your pharmacists says it is not covered. And then Medicare, in front of all this testing time these meters ask for, only allows 2 tests per day. Your doctor has to go to war with Medicare to get more. I have firsthand experience. I think of all the elderly whose care providers refuse the time it takes to go that war. How often are these elderly dyeing from this. Of course the sooner someone dies it lowers the money they pay out. Enough said. End of Discussion, Period!




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