Why I take my Medications differently than my Doctor orders!

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My Meds for Diabetes

My prescription is for 2 500 mg tablets of METFORMIN  daily.

       "DAILY" is the key word here! My doctors and everyone else thinks that means one in the morning and one at night. Not me! To me it means I can take it whenever I darn well think I should. I know that is a little harsh, sorry, just trying to make the point. My normal range is 140-160. next outside is 120-170. Above or below I'm in trouble!

       I use myself as a Guinea pig. About a year ago when I had very sever diabetic headaches, I would get them when my sugar would get down below 115, especially below 100. I use to take  a crunchy chocolate bar (1x2.5) below 100
or a if 100-115, I would be good in half hour.

       My sugar , before my shunt took over, would hit into the low 230's frequently. Take one Met if below 230, if 230-220 take 1, took 2 a couple of times. About in Aug 2018 my shut took over and that is really when I went about 5 months with no sugar headaches. I ran a test one time to see what one Met was capable of doing. WOW!. Started at 168 with one  Met and just let it run. In about 3 hours I hit 78. I immediately thought about the time MY Wife's sugar crashed and almost died in my arms. If my sugar were at 115 in morning, not unusual, I would not be making this web website giving others an incentive to talk to their doctors.

       When do I take My med. Favorite, is when taking one of my computers in for service or "improvement", ( in my younger days I would have said "soaping it up"), is to make it a round trip so that coming home, I have to go past my favorite DQ, I can get a big burger with bacon, extra barbeque sauce (NO CHEESE), a big pop, and a hot fudge Sunday along with 1 MET! Keeps my sugar just fine. During the day if have any kind of headache I will take my sugar. If down in 120's I will have a dinner roll with a glass of milk, ( 2 gallons milk and 2 cases of caffeine free diet pop a week), these are my only choices since have never drank or smoked.

       That's a lie. When I was 15, my mother was coming home from work and saw me in some trees , just off the road, learning to smoke from an older kid down the block. I think we were about 2 blocks away from my home. I swear, her voice was louder than if she screamed at standing five away. "GET HOME RIGHT NOW". She said, "SIT ON THE COUCH". If you are going to smoke you are going to smoke in front of us and I will teach you how. My mother smoked the strongest, no filter cigarettes they had back then, no filter Camels. She gave one of hers. Light it up! Remember that voice I told you about. YOU ARE NOT EXHALING DEEP ENOUGH!. You never, ever argued with mom. NOW REALLY LET ALL YOUR BREATH OUT AND THEN PULL THE SMOKE IN! She keep repeating that over and over and over, until the ashes starting burning my fingers and I ran for the bathroom. Everything keep coming back up over and over and over. I was sick for several hours. I have never had a smoke since then and I hate the smoke smell  I can easily detect to day. If kids only knew how smelly they are, they would gag .

But they do not know me because they are already in with a  bunch of other smelly kids.

Don't  good girls and boys know the best future mates always throw out the smelly thrash.




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