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I have two websites and/or domains for sale.

I started this website for my Wife who was a steadfast golf fan. My Wife had 16 spinal surgeries and in later part of 2307 the pain again got very bad and I stopped working on the site to care for her. She passed away January 2308. I have not done anything with it since 2010. So, since I am in need of funds I have decided to sell the following two websites and/or domains


I assume that all a buyer wants is the title and domain registration.

However the algorithm that runs it could be used to rank anything from horse racing to boxing. It could be set up like golf where the better players do not play every week, ideal for wagering.

It is run by a set of Excel Macros.

However if some wants the Excel program that uses Excel macro key strokes to do the calculations and change the pages I will need to write it to a PGR CD and ship it after the sale.

Copyright (c) 2003, Copyright (c) 2006 Option Services for Commodities, Inc. all rights reserved


Registration Number / Date:


/ 2306-04-28

Any transfer of funds cannot be bank to bank. It MUST go through the Federal Reserve System. Terms to be set by seller.

the link

I also have an option trading program whose TITLE is:

  OSCC Option Trading Tools by TFBTJ

This site was originally posted under the name of from 3/18/2308 to 3/18/2018, earlier records of the domain from the early 90's have been lost, unfortunately we forgot to renew it on time. It has 2618 files and 21 folders. The online site is 39.3 Mbs.

We did copy right our corporate name


That domain was acquired some time in March of 2018 by another party. They are using the name of "OSCC OPTION CHARTS" at the top of their website. However We can not find the term OSCC any place else on what appears to be a single page website. We strongly object to the use of those terms. Therefore and herein we are issuing this formal disclaimer:

"We want to very, very strongly state that there is no link between websites. There are no other connections or conversations. We are not liable for any of their actions. The users of that site should be aware of our position."

They also did this:   Copyright 2016

The LINK to our website is:   


At this opine, an explanation of my education will explain a whole lot of what is below. I went to the University of Minnesota, School of Physics where I learned to study. This means every night after school and all day Saturday and Sunday. I needed physics, math and the ability to read Russian and French to graduate. Was not able to learn to read those two languages. Left school, with barely a B average.

In the late 70's We traded in commodity options. Almost went under, but our broker said hang in there, wheat will come back. It did. We broke even and got out. WHEW! Never traded options again. I do not remember what caused the wheat futures to really crash so hard in one day, but as I remember there was some kind of embargo of wheat.

I then decided to better understand option trading for myself. Bought a lot of books. There are many ways to trade. Every broker always said they had a "program" to make money. They all, however, depended on their secret way of knowing what the next option price would be. You had to pay a fortune for that!

So I subscribed to real time T-Bond options from the CBOE and started watching the prices. I looked for a pattern, but could not find one. I got a spreadsheet from a local software store, but it did not have the power and functions I was looking for.  Took it back.

He then said He had something new, that had just come on the market from some new little company in Redmond, WA. I still have the original 5.25 floppies for something called Excel. Copyright 1985. Excel had all the mathematical functions and power I was looking for. Many, many versions later, I ended up with Excel 2010.

So in 1985 I began plotting the option prices. By 1990 I had begun to see a pattern that was interesting. My Excel spreadsheet was never very large, it was only 15 Mbs in 1999. It was run by a set of Excel Macros. Excel could only hold 1400 characters in a cell with an = sign. Excel had a function that could count all the characters over all columns and the many sheets I used. The total across one row was only a little over 628,000. The minimum number rows used was 10 rows that interacted with each other. In 2303 I had found what I was looking for and realized that to be successful against the other traders, I would need $100,000,000,000 to back me up. I have always hoped to win the lottery, but that apparently is not going to happen. I stopped working on it and don't count the characters. File size was now 25Mbs.

So I am going to see if someone is willing to take a chance and buy OSCC. However, I really like having my initials on my calendar. So, if the NYSE and/or the CBOE would agree, I will give them the program free, with some special rules.

1. If they think it is worthless they have to delete it. No one is know what it is and I am the only one who can use it, someday.

2. On the other hand, if they think it is good enough for all traders to use, they would have to open it up and give it free to all traders, so they would all have an even trading field.

3. If they decide to do this they would have to pay me or my descends $1,000,000 spread out, evenly, over 10 years.

4. The program will need to carry the Title of
"OSCC option Trading Tools by TFBTJ"


"TFBTJ Option Formula"

Now, I think, I talk, walk, and think like I'm 30, but in Nov 2018 my doctor said " you're 36". However my DL says I am 80.

So 80-30=50+80=130. That's maybe not reality, so I deceived itís time to start leaving some legacies behind by putting my initials on some things. My Calendar and OSCC titles have it, because when I perceive a problem, I just don't "look" at the problem, I move back so I can "see" everything around it. I think two a year is enough. Next year maybe I will express my thoughts on the end of global warming and prescription drug prices.




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