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      I need a better Windows to make my calculations for my diabetic calendar to make it more understandable. So I am only posting the following about my computer because I hope to save my Win 7 Pro!

     I know Microsoft is stopping support, and that's OK, because all the support I have needed has been on the internet and it's free. I do have to pay outrageous fees to get it. My computer had to be rebuilt because the 750 watt power supply died, taking with it the motherboard and a 2 fan video card directly plugged into the 750 watt power supply. It could not take the load. It took out itself, the motherboard, the video card  and tons of data. The rebuild still only gets a WIN7 PRO index of 7.5 since it only has 16GBs of ram, and an 8 core processor and is now powered by an 850 watt power supply.

Once I get all my data back I will have tons of charts, CT scans, and log files.

     I am posting a proposed idea for Microsoft for Windows 11. I am in the middle of installing a 250 GB SSD drive. I will partition it into 4 partitions. In the beginning the A drive will be 80 GB's to load  WIN 7 PRO. The B drive will be 65 GB's where I will move the paging file to and create a 64 GB paging file, since my motherboard can support 64 GB's of ram I want to be prepared. I will later shrink the volume so that not a single 1 or 0 can snick into this 64GB file. Thus Windows will not need to reindex this partition. I will then move as many of the other windows files that can change, such as Libraries and the username files, onto a 10 GB partition "C". Since programmers automatically look to install their programs on C it will work out just fine. Win 7 Pro record things in three different locations, this is just stupid. In the end I will then shrink A as close as I dare, probably to 5 GB's, "Need to leave room for updates". Thus Windows should not have to reindex A or B much. This should speed up booting and running. My machine now takes 49 seconds to boot. My goal is 20 seconds. I think I will then end up with an 170 GB unformatted drive D. Windows 7 Pro will not index an unformatted partition. Indexing is a big slowdown of computers. This whole concept is for making my machine run faster.

Now if Microsoft was real smart they would make a Windows 11 that only uses WIN 7 PRO as a base. That way the 1 billion of us diehard WIN 7 PRO users. who will always stay with WIN 7 pro even after Microsoft stops supporting it. We will get all the support we need from the internet. I gathered a lot of these ideas from the internet. Some were things that I have taught myself. Starting with the original 5.25 flexible floppies of Excel that I bought in 1985, which I still have, I am self-taught.

       Now Microsoft, could carry this one step further. Put the whole thing, preinstalled on a chip that will read the motherboard and make changes as required in the register for different computers. Based on the length and width of a PCI slot the chip would be less than an 0.5 inch high. Instead of selling discs THEY could sell about 10 billion chips. Gates would then again be the richest in the world. Now since I am the one who thought this up and published it, making it Copyrighted and unpatentable, I should at least get 3 free chips and reimbursement for 3 very fast computers to be built for me. As for me, I see myself as a person who likes to live a simple life and who sometimes does a little thinking outside of the box.

     Please be patient with me. I will eventually put all of these thoughts on their own pages. Please do not ask for any computer advice or questions on my forum. And I am just an armature at editing this HTML code. First this website is not about computers. Second I am not qualified and cannot afford the liability. Third I will simply delete without reply any such question or request for advice. 




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