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    When I was 24 I applied for job at a big high tech company. I ate a regular size Heresy bar just before going in for the physical for the job I was getting. FAILED! My sugar was too high.

   Went to a different doctor so that it would never be on my medical record. Showed me a chart of how slow my insulin was in reacting to my sugar. He said watch it. But I was young and felt fine, so I ignored him. My mother died from diabetes when she was 40.

In 1971 I met this cute girl while I was driving my hot car at the strip and on the street. Told her about this. Married her. What happened later is on the MY WIFE tab. So when I was 40 she made me get my sugar tested. I though I was invincible, but did it at "her request" and ignored it as usual.

    I got diabetes 10 years after my wife. T  The zip code of testing She did of Her sugar, was as far away from mine as iceberg is from a sunny sand beach. Her testing was rigorous and mine was rather lackadaisical.

     Found out when I was 60 that Diabetes and Mother Nature had gained up on me and gave me myopic degeneration, as I understand it, this is the stretching of eye ball that causes the retina to crack. My retina doctor can see the bleeding caused by my diabetes, thus floaters.

Diabetes and Mother Nature also gave me diabetic retinopathy
the worst eye diabetic eye disease you can get. It is the leading cause of blindness!

This is it: Diabetic retinopathy affects blood vessels in the light-sensitive tissue called the retina that lines the back of the eye. It is the most common cause of vision loss among people with diabetes and the leading cause of vision impairment and blindness among working-age adults.

Too late, I finally, sort of, stared checking my sugar at age 70, because my A1C was now 7.6.  New doctor. Finally got very serious at 75.

Too late for me. I find it incredible that everyone doesn't care enough about their vision, to constantly get their A1C sugar checked to keep from getting what I did to myself. I tell this story to try to get all of you to aware of the consequences of not know what your A1C is. You do not have to end up like me.
And it gets worse!

Back when I was about 65 an X-ray was taken of my head. It showed a large empty space in my head. The doctor said it was normal. I believe based on other things that my diabetes was interfering with natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid in my body that I think was starting to give me headaches.

  This is what else diabetic retinopathy has done to me.

 I will now tell you about my vision. My shunt needed to be adjusted once in June and in July of 2018
 that went from 20/60 In  May 2018 I got brand new driving glasses. But due to the changing cerebral spinal pressures in August I was driving without glasses to drive .

Do not get diabetes.

Three weeks later it changed back to glasses. I wear 7 different pairs of glasses every day, interchanging them all day long. The glasses I wear are: two different driving, 80 inch focus from my 65 inch TV, 42 inch focus for around the yard and house, 15 inch focus for computer work, 10 inch focus to read my glucose meter  and another 4' to read small print, to which I sometimes add a hand held 10x magnifier for small print in the mail. I also have a 20x and a 30x that I sometimes use with my computer glasses. I also have a night/day conversion problem. For many of the last thirty years I have been able to see tail lights half mile ahead, but in the daytime in bright sun it has been hard to see them light up. The problem is that at night my pupils open up allowing  the light to go to a wider better part of my retina. During the day they close down to what is left on the center from my diabetic degeneration.

    My vision tends to change every couple of weeks or days. I have 2 pair that I interchange with my TV glasses for driving. When I leave the house to go some where I test the two drivers and the TV to see if one is better than no glasses at all

I believe it is how my shunt valve and sugar levels react to my activity levels.

My apologies for the colors of this website. The only program available to me is FrontPage 2000, that I used to build three websites from 2001 t0 2010. I guess Microsoft has done something with the updates to cause this. I changed all the color codes of
color: yellow and color: green to color: black and this is as good as I can get it.




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