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This chart shows the result of not getting your A1C checked when you are young. This is what I have at age 80. You could easily happen to you at age 30.

I do not what to see others end up like me. Here is the letter that I sent to my doctor explaining my vision/diabetes situation. My ophthalmologist told me and my brother that I was unique.

9/23/2019 Doctor letterr:

            The enclosed chart is why I desperately need a "Constant Glucose Monitor". The standard glucose meter I have  is a Countour Next One Glucose Meter. It can retain 700 readings, which I can download to my computer. The readings (points) for glucose and time are easily verified.

My vision is directly associated with my levels of glucose.

            My best vision is between 110 to 120.

            I can see half mile to drive.

            At 120 to 130 I can still see good enough to drive.

            At over 140 I do not drive.

            At 110 to 95 I do see very good and drive.

            At   95 to 85 I do see good enough to drive.

            However, below 90 I start to shake and will not drive. This does not change for the time of day.

            However, these values only apply to bright sunlight days. At dusk the downside point values move down about 10 points and the upside point values increase about 10 points. When it is totally dark these values widen another 10 points.

            In fact one night when my sugar was 118, no moon, some cloud cover to hide the stars and no morning fog, my vision was the best ever. I saw a car coming and dimmed my lights. My high beam headlights shine straight forward so that I get no road reflection. What I saw were two separate headlights. I was able to distinguish them, even though they only seemed to be one-eight of an inch in size. These problems are the result of having both diabetic retinopathy and diabetic myopic macular degeneration. Because of these diseases, with my small pupils, at night my pupils open wider making better use of the remaining useable area of my retina.

Average glucose reading  121.5

Average tests per day 9.2



Check your A1C
The HDSM Pain Scale
Headaches-Diabetes- Shunt_Migraines
Shortcut  dmhpainscale.com
20. Migraine 20
19. Migraine 19
18. Migraine 18
17. Debilitaing
16. Now adds stumbling and bouncing off walls
15. This thing is out of control and now adds down back of neck. Add vision problems both eyes
13. Now it goes around both sides
12. Now pain also goes around one side or other
11. Severe pain in forehead
10. Check to be sure head is attached! 
8. That's enough
7. Hold head with both hands
5. This thing is starting to hurt
4. Getting very noticeable
3. Hand on forehead
2.   It's annoying
1. It's there
0. Tranquility, peace and quiet.
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My A1C on 6/3/19

was 6.3 !

Apparently the way I take my Meds works for me.

Another reason i got it dow was because I have the most accurate glucose meter available.

See meter page!

I also quit drinking the 2 gallons of milk I had been drinking in a week. Cold turkey!

Lost 40 lbs in 9 months.


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I created this website to rate and talk about my very sever diabetic and shut valve headaches.

But, in the end, it will be about how I eliminated them!
I will eventually put all of these thoughts on their own pages.

I will start on that as soon as I have this website up and running, correctly.

    To rate these diabetic and shut valve headaches I have created The DSMH PAIN SCALE© for myself.
It has 3 levels.

1-9 tolerable, 10-17 intolerable, 18-20 off the scale for migraines, see below.

 There is a 4th level of 100 for the gals and guys in our ARMED SERVICES who suffer the loss of eyes, limbs, hands, legs, parts of their minds and the ability to think normally. All on a scale of pain none of us cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend!

"Just so we can live in peace and enjoy our lives."

              However, for me there are also, the shunt headaches. I use the same DSMH PAIN SCALE© for them. Both my diabetic and shunt headaches are short lived, usually less than half hour, although I have had a few that have gotten into the migraine factor below.

        I also get headaches from coughing hard or sneezing, unless I can sense them coming on and grab my head and holding it so that it does not whiplash.

Shunt Headaches

Here is the explanation of how I got a shunt valve put in my head and how it affected me.

    On 10/13/2017 Some dummy was walking backwards on in the yard, pulling a garden hose and tripped on a blade of grass. He aimed the point on the back of his head very aCurately at a 18"round x 2 inch thick concrete patio stone.

The pain, when I hi the patio stone, was so short I only gave it an H1. I have never passed out from hitting my head. But, as I was trying to sit up, a big strong hand pushed me back down. All I saw was a lot of red Kleenex's. Apparently 2 neighbors and 2 passerby's were there within about 10 seconds. This one put me in the hospital. My blood coagulates so fast that there was no need for sutures or staples, just a spray on bandage.

     But they were going to have a neurosurgeon look at me. What he discovered was that there was a large volume of  cerebral spinal fluid in the center of my head that didn't belong there. To me it looked about the size of my fist. . They later drained it out, by putting a shunt in my head to constantly drain it into my stomach, and the black area is now the size of my thtmbnail.

 The result was that that I started having severe headaches, not only from my diabetes, but from the fall, and eventually from the shut valve they put in my head on 3/25/2018.

    The result of that surgery was unbelievable. As I see it I went from age 78 at the time to age 30 in ten days. This contrasts to the fact that my family had talked to me in February 2018 about going to assisted living. I now was a new man.

  In June I spent an average of 10 hour days for 4 days doing a yard work project. Those were 90 degree days with dew points in the high 60's.

Since my headaches are either sugar or shunt related, I early on learned that a few pain killers like Hydrocodone/acetam 5-325 don't help. At an H18M4 I tried
Hydrocodone/apap 10-325.Useless.


Now this scale is not just for pain only.
also have the duration factor!

              On 2/5/19 @ 2:33 AM, I awoke with what can only be described as both a shunt and sugar headache, sugar @118, H18 headache at the same time . Tried having a glass of milk, but was shaking so bad I knocked over the glass! It was like they were mallets being swung by two elephants. The headaches started in front and each went around its own side and collided at the back of my head. Each was like a gong beating on a set cymbals pulsing and vibrating. I was not able to walk them off as usual, so I just lay there, wishing they would go away. In 2 hours they were down to a H17. By 6:33 AM, they were down to a H16, sugar @ 116, and I was able to take half a MB, with milk, and walk them off in within half an hour as usual. Because they were decreasing they did not qualify as a migraine and get an "M" designation.

All I can say is that whatever your beliefs, may the one above have mercy on you!. This leaves me still guessing as to what is a definition for a H18M4 migraine. Migraine suffers, HELP

 Migraine  Headaches can have vastly different durations. A typical nomenclature for duration would be one that lasts 7 hours. 7 is the number of hours it lasts. I give this duration a nomenclature of M7.

Combined you would have a H18M7 headache.

      Now duration can come in many different lengths. If the duration lasts 9 hours, the M9 designation would apply. However, if it were to last 16 hours it would have a duration of M16 and so forth.  The combined nomenclatures will be referred to as a H18M16 headache.


 I will need input from readers of this website for a description of migraines.

Based on my personal experience I wonder if a few migraine suffers may have the same problem.

       I'm going to leave it up to Migraine suffers to help define them. I have had 2-"17's" and 1- "18" in the last year. Never want to go there again.

      I wonder, about my shunt and how it relate to the cause of migraines. The excessive shut=not headaches when down after it finally adjusted.

Is it possible that few migraine suffers may have them because they  also have excessive cerebrospinal fluid in their heads. The only way to find out is with a cat scan.

I have lost some weight and lowered my A1C




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